"In Carolo Baby we dress the children as children"

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Why Carolo Baby?

Founders: Rocío González and Julio Aparicio

Beginning in 2014

Rocío González

Founding partner and designer, “Creative and passionate about fashion with its own style”

After deciding whether or not to go back to my dream of one day living of designing fashion, I considered creating my own childrenswear brand, this way I could join my two passions, fashion and my children. I have three daughters and the name CAROLO is composed of their name’s initials.

The beginnings of Carolo were difficult, I worked day and night trying very hard to make it all happen.

We started from zero with our first collection; sourcing of fabrics, pattern making, dressmaking, etc. In any other context it could have been unbearable but for me it was the most motivating and rewarding experience in the world.

I finally had it all completed, my first collection was ready to be shown and we took it to our first Childrenswear Fair in Madrid at FIMI. This was January of 2015. Our first collection, “Entre Triana y Mundaka”, was made to join two paradises, two partners that made Carolo baby a reality today. Each of these two places are one in the North and the other in the South of  Spain, and regardless of this distance, we carry on buiding the project of Carolo baby.

Julio Aparicio

Founding Partner and Export Manager “Curious, persevering, dreamy and fighter”

Carolo baby is the dream of Rocío Gonzalez. Rocio and I are cousins, she is from Seville, southern Spain and I am from Mundaka, in the northern basque region. She got in touch with me while thinking about a new venture. I have always believed in Rocio´s talent, so when the oportunity appeared I agreed on accepting her the challenge. I have no relation to the world of fashion. I am a pilot and my expertise are airplanes, travel and looking at the world, not seeing borders nor country names from the sky. I like walking in the streets of New York, neibourhoods of Buenos Aires, I like taking a boat ride along the rivers in Malasya or simply sit down in a bench at the Park Gorky in Moscow. I like people. I like talking with them to find the gift the makes us all equal in our hearts and in the way we care for our children with love and respect.

Carolo is a humble project and it goes beyond dressing boys and girls, Carolo wants to reach people who feel a need for change.

“Thank you Rocio for having your dream that day”

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